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About the CLRC

County Line Riders of Catalina, AZ, INC  is a non-profit equestrian group established June 1994 with the goals of preserving trails, legal access to public lands for all non-mechanized trail users, trailhead design to accommodate horse rigs, and the western way of life.   We collaborate with Counties, Cities and Towns/ land managers/  for those goals.  We are segment stewards for the Arizona Trail, maintain trails, and participate in the Game & Fish Adopt-a-Ranch program.  We have rides, campouts & activities for members.  Members receive a monthly Newsletter containing full details on all rides and events.


Vice President


(520) 850-2196






Sandy Ballis

Barbara Cardinal

Mary K. Church

Michael Lee


Activity Chair

Barb Kaminski 


Barb  Kaminski 

Ad Coordinator


Linda Dahl

Trail Maintenance

Diane Fouts

Trail Rides

Barb Kaminski


Sally Janovec

Colossal Cave Trails Park

Bev Showalter

Sandy Ballis

Poco Bueno Ride



Linda Dahl


Scott Kelly

Organizations We Support

PIMA TRAILS ASSOCIATION.  CLRC belongs as a group to PIMA TRIALS and a portion of your CLRC membership dues pays for your associate membership with the PIMA TRAILS ASSOCIATION.  The PIMA TRAILS ASSOCIATION works with Pima County and surrounding cities and towns to achieve our common goal of access to trails and development of trailheads for all non-mechanized trail users.

NETWORK for AZ Trails. Is a collaboration of non-motorized and motorized trail builders, planners, managers, advocates and supporters that seek to connect organizations, agencies and peers with similar trails goals to share resources, knowledge, and seek solutions to common trails issues. This is a state wide effort involving all counties. 

ARIZONA TRAIL ASSOCIATION.  The CLRC has been a segment steward of the Arizona Trail since 1995.  The ARIZONA TRAIL ASSOCIATION brings trail users from all over the world.  CLRC supports their efforts by maintaining a segment of the trail, volunteering for special projects such as repairing gates and hitching posts and anything else we can do.

AMERICAN TRAILS.  AMERICAN TRAILS is a national organization with a lobbyist at the national level, supporting the same goals as the CLRC.  AMERICAN TRIALS does amazing work which has benefited us all.

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